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These books are not about Scleroderma nor about
stem cell transplants.  When you are faced with 
a catastrophic illness,you need to remain calm 
so you can think clearly.  You need to be aware 
of your Spirit and work with your spirit
because ultimately that is where your healing 
will come from.  If you spend time meditating,
you will begin to see where  the path of your 
life is going.  

These books are excellent guides in this regard.


The Four Agreements, a Toltec book of wisdom 
	By Don Miguel Ruiz
	Amber-Allen Publishing, inc.

  The Power of Now 
	By Eckhart Tolle
	Namaste Publishing

  Stillness Speaks 
	By Eckhart Tolle
	Namaste Publishing

Be Here Now 
	By Ram Dass
	Hanuman Foundation