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A clinical trial is a study of how well a protocol 
performs on a certain part of the population before 
it is released  into the public at large.  These trials 
come in many forms.  But people are needed to help 
researchers get this information out to the public.  
This is where you come in. You can go to, put in your diagnosis, 
and a screen will come up listing the different trials 
for that disease.  You can read about many different 
protocols for your specific disease and the hospital 
and group of doctors who are performing that procedure.  
There could be more than one procedure.  There was 
in my case.  It did matter in my situation which  trial 
I used since I have pulmonary involvement.  Your physician 
should be able to help you decide on the best trial 
according to your condition.

Some of the trials  have already been approved by the 
FDA and are conducting studies.  For other diseases, 
the trials are not yet open. If you keep visiting the 
site you will see when the trials open.   This is not 
to cause frustration  to you, but to give  you hope.  
You can take this information to your doctor and then  
you can make decisions together.  You will find that 
the more informed you are, the more likely your doctor 
will be to consider the information. 
The physicians who are conducting the trials are available  
and very willing to answer questions. Do take advantage of that.    
The clinical trial may not be for you.  The stem cell 
transplant may not be for you.  But you must be your own 
advocate.  You must trust your inner feelings and if you 
think this is right for you, you should go for it. 
It is ultimately your decision, it is your body.   If
you do not make the call, you will never know. 

One question one needs to ask about the protocol of ANY 
disease: is  total body irradiation used in treatment 
of the disease.  Radiation can damage the lungs.  
Shielding is not enough:  radiation can go 
where it wants.

You can contact me for more information  at advcocate at 
this address