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Insurance companies are continuing to look at funding for stem cell 
transplants on a case by case basis.  Several of my transplantees 
(who I call my chicks) had their transplants paid for with legal 
intervention.  Nevertheless, insurance companies cannot ignore 
that after a transplant, the coast of maintaining a progressive 
disease is 80% LESS than before the procedure.

To say that this treatment was not without financial 
consequences would be a major understatement.   
Because the treatment is still considered experimental, 
it is not covered by health insurance with any great 
regularity  I am very happy to say this is being worked on 
by state representatives at the national level to make this 
a thing of the past.

The fact that people who are willing to undergo clinical 
trials, and are the very people who need the funding does 
not budge the insurance companies.  In the meantime, 
there are things one can do to side step this problem.

There are foundations which can help you to raise the money.  
One such company is National Foundation for Transplants 1102 
Brookfield, Suite 200, Memphis, TN 38119.  They are a very 
kind, caring group who will walk you through the maze of  
fund raising. 
You will need a committee to handle the fund raising, as you 
cannot do it yourself:  you will be too busy with the transplant.  
Your friends will want something to do to help. Ask them  You'll 
be surprised, most will jump at the chance to help.

There have been some changes in the way funding is accomplished 
for transplants.  Contact NFT for more information: