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I have set up this site to help people find answers 
about Adult Stem Cell Transplants and their viability 
to your situation which were not available even a 
few short years ago. 

 I have also, because of my experience, set up a mentoring 
program.  I will answer any questions you might have 
concerning a transplant.   I will mentor you through the 
preparation, funding and after the transplant as well.  
There is no charge for my services.  I only ask that if 
you are transplanted that you will mentor the next person. 
It is how we give back for a second chance at life.
Three years after my transplant I have a network of people 
who are ready and very willing to mentor you should you 
decide to have a transplant.

In October of 2008 I was pleased to add a mentor to my program 
who had a stem cell transplant for cancer.  She had a donor for 
her cells, and is very willing to mentor people who have cancer 
and can take advantage of an adult stem cell transplant

If you are interested in this path, my 
transplantee team are willing  mentor you through the 
preparation, transplant and at home phases. You can 
contact us here.  

I am also available to speak to groups about stem cell 
transplants, anywhere in the country.

Contact me at

Make it clear what you are looking for, ie, SC 
Transplant, etc., in the msg line  as I get a lot 
of spam and delete things that are suspect.  
I will return your email as quickly as possible.